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From left to right: Tactical, Devistator, Sanguinary Priest

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Unit differences

Most chapters have different helmets and markings to tell apart their HQ, Tactical Squads, Veterans, Etc...
Example, the Blood Angel Assault squads have yellow helmets, their devastators have blue helmets, tactical red...

The Sanguinary Crusaders are no exception. However, unlike their parent chapter, their markings are different. They also do not have markings on their shoulders, chapter markings or unit markings.
These are the different markings of each unit type.

Veterans: Black Helmets, Black Hands, and Gold Ridge/Crest of the helmet.

Tech-Marines: Yellow Helmets.

Assault Marines: Red helmets with various helmet ridge/crest.

Tactical Marines: Red helmets with various ridge/crests

Devastator Marines: Like the Blood Angels, they have strait blue helmets.

Honor Guard: Most Honor Guard are veterans, and as such have similar looks. Most are more ornate. Their left shoulder plate is painted gold.

Scout: They, unlike most chapters, do not wear the colors of the chapters. They instead, go into combat using camouflage schemes based on the environment of the campaign. They are often mistaken as Imperial Guard Storm Troopers, and as such, the enemy and I.G. will often not know of the chapter's involvement until the chapter is ready for them to know.

Librarians: Red helmets with blue helmet ridge/crest.

Sanguinary Priests: White helmets with red ridge/crest

Sanguinary High Priest: White Armor, red trims, and red ridge/crest.

Chaplains: Black Armor.

Death Company: Black Armor


There are also no squad markings, or company markings. No marines wear the chapter symbol.
Every squad and company commander and company champion are required to know all of his men by name and history.
The chapter master and the chapter champion are required to know all of the Captains, Sergeants, and Veterans, as well as all command staff and extra staff (not including servitors).

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Sanguinuary Crusader Background

Everything said here affects our own HOUSE RULES not real rules :p
I understand that this is not very Codex Fluff, but it's not as bad as the Black Templar, who are estimated to have over 12,000 Marines. I also understand that my spelling and grammer might be a bit off, and as time goes by and I add more, I will go back and edit.
Feel free to comment on any of it, I would love to hear your thoughts (good or bad) and if you see a huge grammer error that I might miss, speek out. :p

Basic Make Up:
The Sanguinuary Crusaders are a successor chapter of the Blood Angels. They use a combination of both the Space Marine codex and Blood Angel Codex. However, for the most part, their structure is differant than both codexes.

There are ten main battle companies, one veteran company, and then there is a large scout company. The scout company is comprised of 1500 scouts. The top 1000 scouts are then broken down into ten smaller units, call Scout Force Companies.

Each SFC is assigned to a Battle Company. As scouts die or become full space marines, they get replaced by the top of the 500 not assigned, who are then replaced by new recruits.

The reason for this is because they had learned from the near downfall of the Blood Angels and decided to have a full replacement force ready should it happen to them. They also have a higher number of scouts to make up for the Black Rage and the Red Thirst.

The Veteran Company is rarely together completely. Most of the time, based on the needs of the differant campaigns, they will split into the other companies.

Each Battle Company is broken into two Tactical Companies. The size of the second tactical company changes based on the needs of the campaign. The Company and first Tactical Company are led by the captain. When the second tactical company is split from the whole of the company, it is led by the Company Champion.

The Honor Gaurd is made up of hand picked individuals that the Chapter Master, Captain, Sanguinuary High Priest, or (a new addition) the Chief Librarian finds the most potential in. If it is the Chapter Command's Honour Guard, it is made up of the best of the best. It often includes the Chapter Champion. If it is the Company Command, it is made up of the best of the company, and when it isn't split, includes the Company Captain.

The Chapter Command includes: Chapter Master Ardius Maximus Decimus, Sanguinuary High Priest Telerion, Chief Librarian Socratise, Master of the Gaurd and Chapter Champion Aurelius, Master of the Forge Terris V-5698, and Chapel Leader Deneris.

Like the Blood Angels they have the Death Company, who are lead by the Chaplains. The Chapel Leader is the highest rank of the Sanguinuary Crusader Chaplains.

Home World:
Originally the Sanguinuary Crusders were a fleet based chapter. However, when they joined into a crusade, they got a distress call from the Damorian System, one of the loyal systems in the region. They were already three years into the crusade when they got the message, and six months away from where they needed to be.

The Sanguinuary Crusaders sent Fourth Company-Second Tactical Company comprised of one tactical squad, one assault squad, one devastator squad, and two scout squads. The mission was to assess the situation and see if it was a lost cause.

When they got there, they learned that all but one planet (Damoria II) had been taken over by the Chaos forces the crusade was fighting.

Damoria II had been holding off for two years when they sent the transmission and was about to fall when the Sanguinuary Crusaders arrived.

However, the Chaos forces were not expecting Space Marines, and had very few of their own. This added more time to the defense of Damoria and within the next few months the rest of Fourth company arrived. Within the next year, Third and Fifth company arrived with the Ardius.

The Damorians, having been rescued by the Sanguinuary Crusaders, offered the Sanguinuary Crusaders a place to base on Damoria, and fresh recruits. So the Sanguinuary Crusaders made their homeworld Damoria.

WIP-Vangaurd Squad

These are my three marines nearest completion from Vangaurd Veteran Assualt Squad Telenicus.
The Veterans of the Sanguinuary Crusaders are set apart from others by their black helmets and black hands, as well as their more ornate armor.